Plumping Tips For Before Your Winter Vacation

Posted on Feb 15, 2017 in Our Blog

Planning a getaway this winter? Don’t let the stress of your empty home be a burden to you or your family during your much needed vacation. Follow these tips to secure your plumbing and you’ll be relaxing without a care in the world on the beaches of paradise.

Schedule a thorough plumbing inspection

Preventative maintenance is the key to avoiding any unfortunate plumbing surprises. Call in a licensed, reliable local plumber and get a thorough inspection of all your fixtures and pipes to ensure everything is working properly. Through inspection, your plumbing expert will be able to find small problems and have them repaired before they turn into huge problems. You’ll save money in the long run and have peace of mind during your vacation.

Turn off main water supply

If you’re going away for a few weeks, or even just a few days, consider shutting off your main shut off valve. This will prevent your pipes from bursting and your water heater from causing damage. You want to relax while you’re on vacation, and not worry about coming home to a plumbing catastrophe.
Check your sump pump

Make sure your sump pump is plugged in and working effectively. If your sump pump isn’t in good condition, or not plugged in, and a major thaw (or buckets of rain as it might happen in Barrie) occurs while you’re on vacation, you may find yourself coming home to a flooded basement.
Check your washing machine hoses

Laundry hoses are one of the major causes of plumbing leaks in residential homes. Check your washing machine hoses and make sure they are in good condition and all are attached securely.

Save on Costs

Turn your water temperature down, or off. You’re not there washing dirty dishes in the sink, taking long hot baths or washing your laundry. You’re on vacation! The hot water can be turned on quickly and easily when you return, and you’ll save yourself a bit of money.

Ask for Help

Your home is a major investment, and plumbing damages can be costly, you want to ensure all will be in good working order when you return to it. It never hurts to ask a friend or neighbor to check in daily, or every other day, to ensure your furnace is working and that things are in order. That way if anything does happen, at least you know about it right away and can deal with it to prevent any additional damage or problems.
A plumbing expert in your local area is your best defense for keeping your home and its plumbing system in good working order for many years to come.


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