Tips for Hiring a Good Contractor

Posted on Aug 31, 2016 in Our Blog

  • Write a detailed description of the work you want done. Be very specific and detailed, especially if you have a certain look/feel in mind or a particular room/item you want a certain way.
  • Do your homework with your city; ensure the work you want to do is allowed in your zone and if you require any special permits.
  • Talk to friends, family and colleagues for personal recommendations on contractors.
  • Check with your local Home Builders Association for a recommendation or endorsement
  • Narrow your contractor choices to 2 or 3 promising options. With each contractor, as for their business license number, licensing office, insurance company information. Double check the WSIB web site to ensure the contractors all have clearance.
  • As for past references, and where applicable ask to see the homes/areas they’ve serviced.
  • Get estimates or quotes for the work you’re seeking – use the detailed description you previously prepared so the contractor knows what you want and can quote more accurately.
  • Obtain 2-3 estimates from your chosen contractors.

What to Look Out For

Beware of a contractor who….

  • Focuses on the cost of the job and not the optimal results you desire and/or rushes for you to sign a contract and tries to get you to pay full up front
  • Tries to persuade your decision by putting the pressure on; offering you a discount if you sign that day.
  • Refuses to provide copies of his business license and certificate of insurance
  • Does not have WSIB clearance (which you can check yourself as previously mentioned)
  • Asks you to pay for work that has not been done or materials that have not arrived.
  • Who does not have valid references
  • Tries to get you to purchase items you don’t need, such as an expensive new HVAC system.
  • Rubs you the wrong way; if you don’t get along or there is any question of personality conflict, it most likely won’t end well.
  • Uses scare tactics in any way, shape or form for anything from signing on the dotted line to agreeing to products to upgrading.


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